Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cupcake Girls

Cupcake Girls is a Vancouver franchise run by 2 Canadian women. They have a TV show that is just based about their franchise. We tried it in Vancouver and enjoyed it quite a bit! However I remember the cupcakes being about 2$ each in Vancouver which is quite pricey in my opinion.

This franchise has many flavours and I find the icing and cake both to be quite good! The cake is fluffy, was not dry. Unlike a lot of the grocery store cupcakes that you can get. The icing is not like sugary icing either, but more of a creamy, soft, less-sugary, enjoyable icing. Icing is what makes a cupcake VERY good.

As we have tried many of the flavours before, we decided to get our favourite flavours. We got from the top left, carrot, red valvet, red valvet x2, cookies and cream, mint, lemon.

My favourites of these 6 were the carrot cake, red velvet, and the lemon! All of the icing has the same consistency however the flavours are very different! Very good icings. I am not a big fan of mint or chocolate so the other two were sub par to me.

I like all the cupcakes they have there but when we bought a 6 pac, the price was 3$ per cupcake!! That is outrageously expensive for a cupcake in my opinion. The location is also in a very strange place for Toronto, in Leaside.

Overall I would rate this place a 70% as the cupcakes are great, the prices are not. The location is in an up and coming neighbourhood but really far away from downtown which makes it inconvenient.

Would go back, but not often!

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