Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kinton Ramen

Kinton Ramen is a ramen hut in Toronto and I believe is also in Vancouver. I have heard that the owner's of Guu are the same as the owners of Kinton. This is my 2nd attempt at a ramen hut in Toronto as my first was a disaster and not even a real japanese ramen hut.

I had much higher expectations as this actually had japanese people running the place. The area of where this restaurant is in an interesting place. There are many restaurants in and around this place, but is also within a residential area. When we got there, there was already a wait at around 12:30. We got a seat within minutes though as we were only a group of 2. The groups of 4 and above had to wait over half an hour as this little place is small and can only seat limited people. The wait soon became pretty long and there was a whole crowd waiting to get seats at this place!

We got some green tea and water to start, and the tea was in one of those make your own tea bags.

The interesting thing about this place is that all of the broths are tonkotsu. Unlike the Hokkaido tonkotsu which is the type of specific broth, they make it the base soup and add shio, shoyu, miso, spicey, and pork flavours. There is a vegetarian option but I think that is just the veggies in the soup and not the broth being veggie. You can also get double the noodles by paying an extra 2$ which I did!

There are apparently 3 levels of richness, and I got the regular. and Tatiana got the light. I decided to get the miso soup and she decided to get the shoyu soup. My miso soup was very rich and good amount of saltiness! The soup was filled with veggies and tasted fantastic. I have had better miso soup in my life time but this was still very good! The pork shoulders within the soup was very flavourful! Cooked well, also seasoned well and wasn't too fatty. You could have got the pork belly for a fattier option which we opted not to.

Tatiana got the shoyu soup! This was completely different from mine and tasted amazing! I loved both of it. The reason why hers was very good because it was less salty, had an egg, and as well had nori (seaweed). The nori gave the broth a seaweed flavour and was just great. I think this was one of the better shoyu ramens I have ever had!

When we finished we ended up paying around 28$ including tax and tip. Unlike Momofuku, I was quite happy walking out of that restaurant! Will go back again!

Overall I would rate this place an 84% as this was delicious, cheap, and the environment is very friendly.

I recommend! Try this place out, but don't go in large groups or you'll wait forever.

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