Sunday, March 24, 2013

Butter Chicken Factory

This post is going to be a little bit different, mainly because it isn't Jeff writing but actually me - Tatiana! I've decided to hi-jack his blog and do a little guest blogging of my own of some restaurants I've personally been to but Jeff has yet to visit.

So, this post will focus on Butter Chicken Factory located on Parliament and just south of Wellesley. It's a fairly new restaurant (I'm talking 2 or so years) with a small handful of tables. I've only gone during lunch time but let me tell you, it is so worth it to do so. The reason, their $9.99 lunch special. With it comes - butter chicken, a chickpea curry, a beef curry, rice, naan, and two desserts (pardon my lack of official names).

Now onto the actual review. The food is delicious, especially considering the amount you get and for its value. My favourite is the butter chicken and I always judge a restaurant by its version of this popular curry dish. At Butter Chicken Factory, theirs is creamy without being too heavy. The other curries are also notable, and pack a punch with its spices. The addition of desserts is a nice touch, and the presentation is simple and clean. 

I've never tried the rest of their menu, but it contains all the standards you'd find at any other Indian restaurant. 

The verdict - come for their lunch special. For $9.99, you can't go wrong. I'd personally rate this restaurant an 85%.

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