Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chi's Congee & Noodle House

Chi's Congee & Noodle House is off of Central Parkway and Burnhamthorpe in Mississauga. This place is easily missed as it is tucked away in the corner of a chinese plaza.

We were craving some congee so we looked up some restaurants and this was one of the top hits. We walked in and read a sign that said cash only, so we had to go to the bank and grab some money.

When we walked in we got a seat right away and was served tea very quickly. As there were only two of us we couldn't really order much to try for variety. However we decided that we wanted congee and some other chinese dish. We ended up getting a seafood congee and a beef rice egg dish. The beef rice egg dish was sub par, in my opinion. The flavour was quite bland but had a salty flavour. The eggs were runny which made the dish slimy which I enjoyed!

Now on to the congee, the seafood congee was actually quite good! The flavours were solid, the saltiness was good and did not need any extra salt.

Both dishes plus tax and tip all came to 20$ and we got out within 30 minutes.

Overall I would rate this place a 70%, unfortunately I was not able to try a good variety of dishes but based off of the 2 dishes I ate that day, 70% is just about right. The congee was great, but the beef dish was sub par.

With the cost being very cheap I can understand why this place got such high reviews. You get great bang for your buck.

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