Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Korean Village Han Kuk Kwan

Korean Village Han Kuk Kwan in k-town of toronto is a japanese korean restaurant. This place had korean bbq but in a portable sense. The tables did not have the integrated bbq that usually exists in korean bbqs. Typical korean restaurants serve the small korean appetizers which usually consist of kimchi, radish, potatoes, beans, and many other small dishes.

We decided to order a bibimbop and korean bbq. The bibimbop was pretty good, however the kocijan sauce was not one of my favourites. I think I am used to the popular sweet and light coloured kocijan sauce. But still, the rice and food inside was crispy because of the bowl and was quite good!

Here is a picture of our portable grill, run by propane.

Here's a photo of the meat being cooked! The meat was already marinated and had tons of good flavour. The red sauce that you can see in the first picture came with the meat for dipping. However I was not a big fan of this sauce. It was sort of spicey but really salty and overwhelmed the flavours of the meat. Other people at the table really enjoyed the sauce though so I guess it is hit or miss.

Overall I would rate this place a 78%, it was pretty good, ok price, and great service. The restaurant has the call buttons that are like modern asian restaurants where service can be called whenever with a click of a button. Before coming back here I would like to try other k-town korean restaurants.

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