Monday, February 25, 2013

Hinote Sushi

Hinote Sushi is a small restaurant in Mississauga off of Mavis and Bristol. This is a korean run small restaurant much like Sushi One. The first time I came here for dinner I was extremely disappointed. I ordered a 40~50 piece sushi boat with my girlfriend and 70~80% of the fish was salmon. How disappointed was I to find this out when I got the boat. The assorted boat was more like a salmon boat. I remember specifically that there was only 1 roll of red tuna (which is my favourite). I would rate this place a 60% as I was so disappointed.

However!! I came back at lunch with a couple of coworkers and decided to get the 72 piece boat.

Now mind you 50% of it is salmon, but at least they had a little more variety. If you are a salmon lover you would love this place.

Now this sushi boat looked nice, the quality was quite good, the taste was also quite good. The price however was quite expensive. This meal came to about 25$ a person (100$) for lunch. Yes there are plenty of other options like combo boxes but they are all salmon anyways. I wanted variety.

After coming back to this place, I would rate this differently but I will keep in mind that the first time here was still disappointing and looking at the menu, it is heavy heavy salmon lovers delight.

I would rate this place an 80% for quality, 60% for price, 75% for service.
Overall I am happy to give this place 74% as the prices are too high for what they serve. I would come back to this place, however there is always a better sushi restaurant just around the corner. :3

Try this place out if you love salmon! If not, try another place!

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