Monday, February 25, 2013

Le Petite France

For Winterlicious we decided to go to Le Petite France in Etobicoke off of Bloor.
This tiny restaurant was packed for lunch, most likely because of winterlicious and the service was extremely slow as the entrance was clogged with people.

I have taken a picture of the menu and we decided to order the crab cake, soup of the day, chicken with red wine and the steamed mussels. 

Let us start with the appetizers, we got the crab cake with spicey sauce and the soup of the day which was a spinach soup. The soup was very disappointing, I think it was supposed to be a hot soup, but it was served cold. I have had cold soup before and was very similar to this bowl. Much to my dislike of the cold soup that I have previously had (cold asparagus soup) this tasted the same. It had a very bland taste, couldn't really tell it was spinach except by the colour and there was nothing to it. It seemed like blended spinach with water. The crab cake however was quite good! The better of the two appetizers served with some mangos too for an intriguing taste.

For the main I got the chicken with red wine, this was very good. I really enjoyed this dish! The meat cleanly fell of the bones, the gravey like sauce was salty but still good and the veggies were just drenched in the same sauce which I didn't mind. Overall great chicken!

Tatiana decide to get the chips and steamed mussels. The mussels were cooked well and the sauce on top was very good too. I find the combination of chips and mussels a weird combination but I have noticed it is quite common. This dish was good, but sub par compared to the chicken up top.

The desserts were the exciting part of the meal! I had the creme caramel and Tatiana had the lemon pie! The lemon pie was zesty and refreshing, while the creme caramel was sweet and soft. These desserts were good!

Now this was winterlicious and the set menu for lunch was 15$. This was amazing for 15$. I will be rating this as a winterlicious rating rather then a regular visit rating.

I would rate this a 78% as the price is phenomenal the quantity of food is good the combination of foods is also good. The food quality ranged from poor to high but overall liked by me.

I am not sure how I would rate this place if the prices were much higher and not during winterlicious!
I'll just have to try another time.

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