Monday, February 25, 2013

Twin Fish

Twin Fish Thai Cuisine is a restaurant in the AMC plaza off of Hurontario in Mississauga.
Many people have recommended this Thai place so I decided to check it out for myself.

This is a very small restaurant seating around 30 people or so. The menu is quite large, so the selections were quite difficult to make. The majority of the flavours are the same but the meat choices are different.

I decided to get the basil chicken. This chicken was interesting in flavour but worked well! Many veggies good chunks of chicken and a pretty good size amount of rice. When you eat the basil leaves you can really taste the basil! As for the sauce, I have no idea what kind of sauce that is but it was quite good!

Tatiana decided to get the vegetarian pad thai. I found this pad thai to be bland in flavour comparatively to other pad thais I have had before. I wasn't a big fan mainly because it was lacking flavour. It could be for the fact that it was vegetarian so the sodium levels were a little lower for healthy eating. Next time I'll try a meat pad thai.

This is one of the starters available to eat which has 5~6 different items on the plate including 3 different dipping sauces. The dipping sauces were fish sauce, peanut sauce, and spicey fish sauce? The last one I couldn't really tell because it tasted very similar to the first sauce. This is a good dish to get as you get a small serving of each appetizer available! Overall quite good, but for this amount of food I found it a little expensive.

I also had the won ton soup, which I regret as I was at a Thai restaurant and not a Chinese one. The won ton soup was ovverrrrrly salty, too salty but the meat inside was quite good.

Overall I would rate this place a 77% As the food was good, the service was nice, the prices are good.
A very standard restaurant that isn't amazing but doesn't disappoint, I have had better Thai food but not bad for Mississauga.

Try this place out sometime!

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