Friday, February 15, 2013

Saigon Star

Saigon star is a restaurant off Highway 7 in Richmond Hill, close to Commerce Gate. This is in the asian part of town and is a gem in my opinion!

I'm not entirely sure why they have a rating of 64% on Urbanspoon but I'd like to change that!

Lets start off with their famous curry crab that everyone goes there for. The curry crab is hit or miss in my opinion. I have had their curry many many times and some days the curry is absolutely fantastic and sometimes it is very okay in my opinion. The picture I have posted below is a picture of the curry chicken and not the crab. The time I had the curry crab it was fantastic! The curry flavour was great and the crab juices made the curry even richer with flavour. This time the curry chicken was a miss in my opinion as sometimes the chicken is cooked to perfection and just falls right off the bone and tastes phenomenal but not this time!

There are a few dishes that I totally recommend when coming to Saigon Star. Two that I would for surely recommend is the lamb and the pork neck! The lamb has always been great here! And the price for the lamb is quite affordable too! The dipping sauce for this lamb is this clear green sauce and I'm not entirely sure what it is (not minty, as lamb usually comes with mint) but it was closer to the fish sauce that you get in regular Vietnamese vermicelli dishes. The pork neck just is just so tasty and soft that this should never be passed up! The one complaint about the pork neck is it is expensive!

One of the best fish that you can buy in my opinion is black cod. Black cod is expensive, oily, soft, almost creamy and VERY tasty! I would highly recommend getting the black cod here as it is exactly as how I described it. However this is the first time I had the black cod and was not impressed. We seemed to get a piece that is probably the tail end of the fish. It was very rubbery (not soft) and didn't taste as good as I have previously had it here.

 The rest of the items are as follows, garlic and gai lan, spicy garlic mussels, sweet and sour soup, spring rolls, and pineapple rice. The gai lan is usually cooked well and is very garlicy. The mussels are pretty good as well because its covered in oyster sauce and garlic (not at all spicy). The sweet and sour soup was pretty sweet (as you would not expect this even though it is called sweet and sour) and is pretty sour as well! Not bad as it is a pretty new sweet and sour flavour to me. Sorry for the half eaten spring rolls! I totally forgot to take the picture before eating them. The spring rolls are surprisingly very good here! I would say it tastes the same as any other Vietnamese pho restaurants that serve spring rolls as they are very similar and have a side of fish sauce to dunk in. The pineapple rice is also pretty good and the presentation is very nice!

 So overall I would rate this place an 84%. The reason why it is a little low in my opinion is that this place is pretty expensive ($$$). With a group of 5 people the bill was easily over 200$ with tax and tip came to around 240$. But this is probably my favourite Vietnamese restaurant I have tried in the GTA. However I have only tried Vietnamese Pho restaurants, and this is the one and only high end Vietnamese restaurant I have been to.

I would take recommendations on other Vietnamese non pho restaurants!

I highly suggest this place at least once! See what other people are ordering around you as they are usually the best items!

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