Friday, February 15, 2013


Milagro Cantina Mexicana was suggested by Tatiana's sister. We were in the Roy Thomson Hall area and looked up some good restaurants and decided to check this place out!

We looked at the menu and some food blogs about this restaurant and knew what we wanted to try once we got there. We were both quite full already so we decided to eat light. I also took a picture of their menu!

As the guacamole was suggested by Tatiana's sister we had to try it out! Man oh man, this was the best guacamole I had in the GTA. The avocado was so creamy, so soft, but this guacamole wasn't very citricy and was just perfect. The nachos were a little on the salty side but pfffff the guacamole was so good!! Sorry for the dark picture as I didn't have the brightness turned up on my camera.

Tatiana tried the margarita and it wasn't bad, tasted like any alcoholic beverage in my opinion.

Now I saw a picture of the seared tuna already and I LOOOOOOOVE red tuna. I had to try this dish out! It is definitely pricey but it is red tuna! This was perfect as I had a one pound steak for lunch and was still feeling full for dinner! The tuna is lightly seared and was on a bed of cucumbers with a side of avocado. The sauce was a limey soy sauce and went pretty well with the tuna! At first it was extremely good but eventually the sauce started to get a little too salty as it was sitting in the sauce. Still very very good!

 Tatiana got the fish tacos! I have no idea what was inside this fish taco but wowwwww.... such such such such good flavours here! So hard to describe, the bite tasted amazing! It was creamy, crunchy, soft, just a jumble of flavours that worked so well! The fish was red snapper and was deep fried like a fish stick. So good! I would come back just for this taco, but I would like to try their octopus+fish taco next time!

 This dessert was a goat milk creme brulee. It was extremely sweet and had a hint of stinkiness and I think that was the goat milk. Not bad, but I would probably not recommend it. I also had their coffee with this dessert and ohhh man was that ever strong coffee! It was like an espresso in the size of a coffee cup!

Overall I would rate this place an 85%! The prices are average, the food was great and the service was not bad! I would definitely come back again!

Try it out if you are in the area!

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