Sunday, January 27, 2013

Royal Teahouse

Royal teahouse is a dimsum restaurant. This is one of our favourite to go to as we have tried many dimsum places in Markham! On a general basis most dimsum places are very similar as the menu's are 90% the same across the board. The way each dish is cooked varies from restaurant to restaurant. The tik kwan yin tea here is great, but most other dimsum places offer the same sort of tea so its always good! The tea is necessary when eating so much deep fried and pan fried items.

We decided to order the pan fried radish dish. and the soup dumplings (shoronpo). The radish cake here is better then most places as its not just soft and mushy but rather a bit crispy and has more flavour then other dimsum places. The soup dumpling was very flavourful but I wish there was a bit more soup in it!

We also got the barbeque pork bun and vegetable bean curd dish. The bean curd is standard and tastes like most other dimsum places same goes with the BBQ pork bun. But still these dishes are good as we always get them!

Tatiana's favourite is the rice noodle with shrimp and vegetable dish. When drenched in the chinese soy sauce this dish is very addicting. The texture and the flavour... so good! We decided to get a new dish on the menu that was a vegetable dumpling. This was a mistake and did not taste good at all. There are many hit or misses at dimsum places and this dish was a miss!

We usually get the deep fried squid tentacles here because this place does it right! Its got a salty flavour but deep fried to perfection! Each tentacle is crispy and easily consumed. Other dimsum places batter the squid making it not good at all, but this place deep fries it without any batter so it just makes it crispy!

I would rate this a 80% as this is one of the few dimsum places that always charge tax. Most Chinese restaurants have a pay cash no tax policy but this one doesn't. Still this place is very good for flavour and we always go back.

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