Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Melting Pot

Melting Pot is an american franchise that specializes in fondue! One opened up about a half year ago in Markham/Richmond Hill off of Highway 7 close to Commerce Gate.

As this was our first time there we decided to go all out! We had the 4 course meal!
Now the meal was pretty interesting because there were many options to choose from!

The first that you can choose from is 3 different kind of salads. I chose the iceberg salad which consisted of literally a 1/4 slice of iceberg lettuce covered in a blue cheese dressing. This was really interesting at first but realized I was just eating lettuce... haha. Tatiana got a blue cheese raspberry walnut salad. This salad was surprisingly really good! The sugar covered walnuts gave it a nice crunch and the blue cheese gave it a distinct stinkyness that I enjoyed!

The second you choose the type of fondue cheese you get. There were about 5 options, 2 of them were wine and 2 of them were beer and one was just a plain no alcohol fondue. Previously we experienced a wine fondue that was overly powerful that pretty much tasted like wine. We had a terrible experience and was deathly afraid of this happening again so we went for the basic no alcohol fondue! This fondue was fantastic! The small chunks of bread were delicious to dip in, the fruits and veggies were interesting but still a different kind of bite. I enjoyed the bread the most as it sucked in the cheese the most! Be careful, it is really hot! But sooo so so so good... mmm...

Now we come to the 3rd dish. The main. This is more of a hot pot style then a fondue but I guess you're still dipping in something which makes it a fondue. The hot pot had 3 different broths and I chose the zesty broth! The hot pot also came with 3 different sets of meats that you can choose from and I decided the surf and turf combo. The hot pot broth was very zesty and very good! The meats were pretty tasty as well as you can see there were tons of different dipping sauces to choose from! The choices! However I had one huuuuge huge issue. The meats were marinated previously and many of them had salts on them already. This by itself made it salty. When you cook it in the broth it makes it even more saltier as it absorbs the broth flavour. The best were the chicken and beef as they were the least salty however the shrimp and lobster was almost inedible. I did complain that they over seasoned it and they apologized.

Now finally comes the 4rth and final act. The chocolate dessert fondue! We mentioned that this was our 8th anniversary meal so they came out with some fireworks! Like I mentioned in my personal review of myself I am not a big fan of sweats. This was something Tatiana really enjoyed! Overall the desserts were good and I did enjoy the white chocolate side of the fondue better!

Overall I would rate this place an 84%! Delicious food, good presentation, classy people, expensive prices (if you don't mind). I would definitely come back again as there aren't many melting pots in Canada.

I can't really understand the rating at 59%. I understand that this place is expensive, some people get bad service (dependent on the server) however overall going through the 4 course meal was a good experience! Eating that between two people was quite tough but I toughed it out! Anyways I do recommend this place for first time goers! Great date place.

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