Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu does not have a website so hopefully the word spreads of this place!

My friend recommended a korean restaurant close to Hurontario and Dundas in Mississauga. We accidentally went to this place thinking it was the other place we wanted to go to. The other place we were meant to go to was called WOW.

However this place had the name Soon Tofu in their title so it must be what they are good at right? We looked at the menu and noticed that 60% of the menu was soon tofu, haha. We decided to get it and man was this place amazing for the price or what! The meal is worth less the 8$ and the amount of food you get is incredible!

Sorry for the upright photos but the first photo is of the regular korean appetizers you get. This is standard with many korean restaurants. The second photo is of the soon tofu soup that I got! I got the combination soon tofu which had beef and seafood.

The purple rice that you get with the soon tofu is the good part! I like to put half of my rice in my soup and eat half of it on its own with the appetizers that you get! Here is a picture of half of my rice in my soup! The soon tofu has so much flavour, it is delicious!

At the end you are left with the bowl that the rice came from! What they do is while the bowl is sizzling hot they put hot tea in it and make a congee! You scrape the rest of the rice off and eat it like congee! This has a little bit of burnt flavour and tastes very good!

I have also come here for the bibimbop and that is very disappointing. Their gochujang sauce was not very good. I do not recommend straying off of the soon tofu at this restaurant!

Overall I would rate this place a 90% as the price is fantastic, the food is great, and service is kind! 10$ for all of this is a big hit! This restaurant is always full of koreans too! so you know its good!

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