Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Taki Restaurant

Taki Restaurant is probably my most favourite favourite Japanese restaurant in all of Canada that I have tried so far. The owners are japanese, the workers are 80% japanese and the atmosphere is very japanese. The owners are from Shikoku and Hokkaido of Japan. Shikoku is known for its udon dishes and Hokkaido is known for their awesome seafood!

I can't complain about a single dish I have tried on the menu but here are some that I really recommend!
Oyako-don also known in english as parent-child-bowl. This is usually a combination of chicken and egg dishes, however in Hokkaido as they are seafood fanatics they use salmon and salmon roe. This is the salmon lovers delight! The salmon roe that they serve here is different from any other place you'll try. The reason is because they marinate the roe!!! Which is strange because it gives it less of a salty flavour and more of a sweet flavour! The salmon is high quality and the combination is mouth watering. This dish is pricey, but look at what you get! OMG dish for sure.

Now the Taki restaurant has one of the most delicious house dressings I have ever had. It is creamy, fattening, delicious. If you're trying to go on a diet with this, that is impossible. They also sell the dressing by the bottles as it is so popular! Now back to the salad... there are two salads note worth at this restaurant and it is the seafood salad (picture below) and the seaweed salad (kaisou salad). The seaweed salad is beautiful, has 4~6 different seaweeds and looks amazing. The presentation is so good. The seafood salad has squid, octopus, tuna, salmon, roe, seaweed, and regular veggies. You get to pour as much of the house dressing on your salad as you wish!!! ohhh my god it is so good.

Now the taki restaurant has a tapas menu, where many of the expensive items are sold at a cheaper price but in smaller quantities. I got three seperate tatakis, beef, salmon, tuna! They are seared around the edges and served cold! This is my favourite dish as its like sashimi but covered in onions and homemade ponzu sauce. (ponzu sauce is a tangy, zesty soy sauce). One thing to note here at this restaurant is that they make ALL of their sauces home made. (not including soy sauce which they use as their base).

The soft shell crab is quite delicious, as it is at many other restaurants but the ponzu sauce you dip in makes it so good! I love it!

Chicken karaage here is something to note. Even my parents say this is the best karaage they have ever had in their life time. The reason it is so good is because of how lightly battered they are. Which gives it a crispiness but with tons of juiciness. The chicken is marinated before deep frying giving it an even deeper flavour.

The udon here is incredibly good, I always order it when I come. It is absolutely simple and just so good! The broth is Shikoku style and also homemade. It is just so flavourful....

I would love to put more sushi pictures but I do not have any! But I will show you my favourite which is red tuna! Look at the colour, it is so pretty and tastes even better!

This is the main that we got, this is a wafuu style steak dish. The steak is cooked rare, and on top is covered in a radish sauce. This is quite expensive but still very good!

Overall I would rate this place a 94% as this place is fantastic. Best Japanese in town, and in Canada in my opinion. Obviously I haven't even touched 90% of the Japanese restaurants out there but I would only include Japanese run restaurants to be able to contend to this place.

Note worthy things, the prices can get pretty high during dinner times, but the tapas menu and other options give you a cheaper price option if need be! The lunches are extremely affordable as they knock down the prices quite heavily!

If you're going for Japanese and going to Niagara Falls, this is the place to go. I recommend everything that I have had here and more! I will keep adding more and more photos as I go and try different dishes!

Give it a shot!

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