Tuesday, March 12, 2013


ZAM is a restaurant and bar and I can't believe they are called a restaurant! Haha this was quite funny. We decided to come here as it looked classy from the outside but was located in a very strange place, in between two car dealerships.

We came in at 7, and we were literally the only ones in the restaurant! It was like as if this place was reserved for us personally, and this was quite awkward. We sat down and checked out the menu. This was a Serbian restaurant and had Serbian music playing in the background. This place definitely was a lounge and not a restaurant. I ordered something that really intrigued me, the njeguski steak. This shouldn't be called a steak in my opinion. This was more of a cheese and bacon wrapped in a thinly sliced piece of meat. This was served with mashed potatoes and creamy mushrooms. Tatiana got the calamari dinner and we also got calamari for an appetizer, the difference being one is grilled and the other is deep fried. Overall the food was quite good! I was quite impressed with the calamari. However I was disgusted at the visual presentation of my steak. I'm very sorry for the poor picture quality as we were sitting under a red light and it made the food look horrible. My dish looked like poo wrapped in a circle of puke. hahaaha...

Like I mentioned the calamari was good! the dipping sauce was also quite good!

Now surprisingly the potatoes here were fantastic! Zesty, oily, soft, very good.

Overall I would rate this place 75%, as this place really shouldn't be called a restaurant but more of a bar/lounge that serves food.

If this was a real restaurant, I would perhaps give it an 80%. Why does this matter? well it doesn't but the atmosphere is weird.

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