Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Daisho Momofuku is supposedly a japanese restaurant however I have no idea if it is. This had high expectations as I have been told this place is a great ramen house. I looked at the menu and there weren't many ramen options, however there were many other interesting asian dishes as well and that is why I do not think this is Japanese.

However we decided to try this place out and come here for lunch! The restaurant presentation is very good! and it is also 3 stories high. I decided to get the dan-dan ramen, and Tatiana decided to get the Momofuku ramen. Presentation wise the momofuku ramen looked amazing. I really wanted it. However when I tried her ramen I was very disappointed. The reason I was disappointed was because the broth was horrible. The broth tasted something like... fatty pork belly soup. It literally tasted like I got a bowl of water, and cooked a half pound of pork belly in this soup and served it. I'm sure people really enjoy this, however I was expecting something... better. Now in the momofuku ramen was pork belly as well as an egg and seaweed. My ramen was much simpler and the broth was better in my opinion. In the center is a chunk of minced meat with green onions. Now there is one good thing to take away from this place, and it is the noodles! The noodles were great quality, and tasted fantastic. If only the soup was good I would have enjoyed it more.

Overall I would rate this a 65%, highly overrated, pricey for ramen, food was not good as I have experienced alot of ramen in my lifetime and this was one of the worst. So far the best was in Vancouver! I'll have to blog about it sometime too! I will not come back as there are many other ramen huts to try out in Toronto! Yaya!

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