Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beard Papa's Cream Puff

Beard Papa's is a Japanese franchise that has expanded to Canada. These little cream puffs are awesome! We went to the Beard Papa's that opened up in Pacific mall a little while ago. We bought half a dozen puffs with different flavours. The flavours we got were vanilla, green tea, chocolate, and strawberry. The store itself is quite small, and does take a while to get your orders in but it is worth the wait!


Each puff is made on the spot (not sure if this was because we went when they just opened) and then each puff was injected with their delicious cream!


This little dessert place is a bit pricey as half a dozen came to 12$ or so. But overall this place is still very yummy and hits the spot for those wanting something a little sweet and something soft! The cream isn't as sweat as donut shop cream donuts which in my opinion makes it better!

Try it out!

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