Monday, January 7, 2013

Sushi One

I have been to about 5~6 Japanese restaurants in Mississauga and this is by far my absolute favourite.

Lets start with the cons, the tea on a general basis is pretty much like hot water, and the miso soup is occasionally watery, but mostly good.

Now lets get to the reasons why I love this place!

This is a family run small japanese restaurant that can seat around around 40 people max. The owners are very kind and the service is great. The lunch is very affordable but boy is the quantity great. Every time I go I always get full especially because of the korean appetizers you get.

You get 6 small dishes, bean sprouts, cabbage in a sweet mayo sauce, kimchi, sweet red beans, cooked fish paste, and seaweed.

All of the lunch specials are around 8~12$ and come with miso soup. My favourite is #44, which is the most expensive lunch item on the menu at 13.50$. The reason why its a little more pricier is because you get 6 additionally sashimi pieces for 2$. The standard lunches come with 3 sashimi pieces so getting 9 is quite the bump!

Lets get down to the quality, I find the quality here always fresh and the colour of the red tuna is fantastic. They serve big chunks of sashimi, and the teriyaki that comes with it is pretty good as well!
The tempura that is served with the other lunches is extremely crispy and good, sometimes too crispy that it leaves the Captain Crunch scratches on the top of your mouth.

I really enjoy the beef teriyaki but the chicken and salmon are very comparable too. Another reason why I truly love this place is that their korean dishes are good too! The bibimbop and soon tofu are fantastic. The soon tofu soup has a very deep flavour and full of seafood, the perfect dish for winter.

 The bibimbop is standard with the content but the kocijan sauce is misoey, sweet, and spicey. This doesn't taste like regular kocijan but man is it good!

(Update) I got the mackerel recently and have decided to post it! It was very good!

Overall I rate this place a 90% for food quality, kindness, and service.
Yes there are hit and misses of dishes but overwhelmingly it is really good!
I would like to link the website but they do not have one! so you'll have to go yourself.

Support this restaurant!!

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