Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fred's Not Here

We decided to go to Fred's Not Here for Winterlicious. The set dinner menu was 35$. The four of us all decided that we wanted the Crab and Lobster soup. The soup was like a lobster bisque and was a bit on the salty side but still very flavourful and delicious. The bread on top when soaked with the soup gave it a nice doughy texture with the liquid soup. The soup itself had no chunks but was more like a thick broth. Still very very good!

For the main, two of us had the seafood paella, the other had beef medallion mushroom risotto, and I had the New York strip wood grilled steak with duck frites. Let me tell you that the seafood paella stood out so much more then the other dishes. The steak and beef medallion dishes were sub par compared to the seafood plate.

My steak wasn't the best steak I've had, it did have that woody flavour and was cooked well, but then again, I have had much better steak.

The beef medallion was also similar and it was very average but the risotto was very good. Now lets get to the #1 dish! The seafood 

This seafood paella was awsome! The rice was drenched with flavours from all the seafood and had a tomatoey flavour with that as well. Each dish got half a lobster, a massive scallop, some tiger shrimps, a bit of octopus, squid, and clams/mussels. I was so jealous that I did not get to eat this dish but I did get to eat half of it as Tatiana got too full to eat it anyways! Superb, I would come back for this dish anytime!

By this time we were absolutely full, but now came the desserts. Three of us had the cheesecake, and I had the banana bread pudding. The cheesecake was standard, and therefore good like always. The banana bread pudding was also very good but so much volume for when you are full! I couldn't even finish the dish.

Overall we really enjoyed this restaurant and would probably come back again! The prices are quite pricey so other then winterlicious and summerlicious it maybe a bit too pricey to want to go to. But with the prices available during these set menu times, this is great!

Looks like this place has had some bad reviews, as 71% is quite low, but I would rate this an 82%!
I would recommend trying this place out during the set menu times because price does change how food is judged!

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