Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Eve at Trattoria Leonardo

On New Years Eve my friend had reserved us some seats at Trattoria Leonardo. I have never heard of this place and it was located at Islington and Dundas in Etobicoke.

The parking of this place was small, can only fit maybe 10 cars at most in this small plaza. When we walked into the restaurant we noticed this place probably seated for only 20 people at most. It looked like all tables were reserved.

There were no menu items for today, but a set menu. The set menu was 40$ and had the options can be observed in the picture.

We started off with the appetizers and I ordered the smoked salmon and Tatiana ordered the calamari. The smoked salmon was fantastic, I love my smoked salmon with capers and onions! The smoked salmon was drizzled in olive oil and the lemon made it zesty. The calamari was also pretty good! I really enjoyed the seafood sauce that came with it. Highly recommend both.

The bocchini salad was good. The bocchini itself was not salty so adding the olives saltiness compromised the bland flavour of the cheese and tomato together. Overall not bad, but I have had better bocchini salads in my day!

For the main course I ordered the mushroom chicken stuffed with spinach and Tatiana ordered the lobster linguini. My chicken was soft and the sauce was buttery and creamy and the potatoes seemed like they were cooked in a tomato sauce. There was only one complaint to my main dish and it was the fact that there sooooooo many carrots. I ate a handful and it looked like I didn't even touch my carrots.
The lobster linguini was pretty standard in my opinion but the fact that there was a lobster tail in there, love it... :)

Overall this small italian restaurant was very good. The most disappointing part of this was that the dessert was not part of the set menu. What kind of restaurant creates a set menu then charges for dessert??? This one... pfff. I would like to try this place out during regular times to see what the regular menu looks like!

I would rate this a 70% as the price was moderate the food was good and there was no dessert but the food made you very full! If only there was dessert I would rate this an 80%.

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