Sunday, January 27, 2013

Galito's No.1 Flame Grilled Chicken

I had this flame grilled chicken from a South African cuisine earlier this month. We had the food TOGO and was this chicken ever so very delicious!

It was so good that I had to go to the restaurant to try it out again to confirm that it was indeed great.

Galito's Flame Grilled Chicken is a South African cuisine with peri peri sauce for the chicken. Many colleagues of mine have mentioned that this is very similar to Nando's but the chicken at Galito's is better then Nando's! This place seems like a Portuguese restaurant that started in South Africa.

Let's start off with their famous chicken. The chicken is flame grilled so it has that charcoal flavour and also has a pretty good seasoning by itself. Even without the peri peri sauce, the chicken itself was very delicious. The peri peri sauce is spicey, tangy, and has an awesome flavour! I would buy the peri peri sauce by itself and make my own chicken to use for the peri peri sauce! I loved it.

The side of peri peri rice that came with it was standard, I would much rather have greek rice, the fries were also very standard and nothing to brag about. However the main being the chicken trumped all other dishes by far.

This restaurant is like a fast food joint, where you order at the counter and get your food at your table. We had 5 people with us, and decided to get the family meal for 5~6 people. The price came to around 62$ which came with 16 pieces of chicken, and 3 sides (rice, and double fries for us). For 12$ a person this was a great deal.

I think if you go there yourself, it does get quite pricey but with big numbers the food gets very cheap!

I would rate this place an 85%, as the food was great, the price was cheap and was pretty fast on the service. I would definitely come back again!

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