Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Grill Restaurant and Bar

Right before new years we decided to go for a late lunch as we woke up a little later during the holidays. I have previously been to The Grill Restaurant and Bar before and told Tatiana that we should try this place out. The last time I went it was at 4a.m. in the morning after some drinking and games. We couldn't find any 24/7 restaurants (including fast food) in the area so we finally stumbled upon this place! For 4 in the morning this place was pretty good and I wanted to try this place out during regular hours.

With the 24/7 breakfast menu and the wide variety of menu items this place caters towards all people. Even at 2 in the afternoon this place was pretty packed.

I previously ordered the chicken souvlaki and my friends ordered the burgers with poutine, the chicken souvlaki was pretty good especially at 4 a.m. I could not trust my early morning judgement so I decided to try this place again! I would recommend the chicken souvlaki for any drunken self.

During the day I ordered chicken cheese steak, and Tatiana ordered pancakes.

After we ordered, the food came within 10 minutes! Blazing fast for how many people were in the restaurant.

The pancakes were extremely large and there were 3 of them! The bacon and pouched egg that came were pretty standard. The hash browns were a little burnt on the bottom which made it crispy and good while the rest of the potato was soft. The french fries that came with the sandwich was also pretty standard but the sandwich was massive. I usually have a huge appetite but I could not finish off my whole meal. I had to pack up the fries as the sandwich was too much! The sandwich was an open faced sandwich with two garlic breads as the base and tons of chicken, cheese, and onions baked all together. The sandwich wasn't the greatest sandwich but the quantity was delightful! Overall it was a little overcooked which made the bread really crunchy to eat. Kind of like when you ask for toasted sandwiches at Subway, how the bread at the ends rip up your mouth because of how hard it is. :P
The reason I enjoy this place so much is because of the price!! This place is cheap, fast, and decent food. I would rate this place a 70% if it wasn't for the price I would give it a 60%!
I would go back to eat there again!


[March 23, 2013]
I went back again!

This time I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a side of gravy. The burger was great! I made it like a beef dip by adding a side of gravy and dipping each bite!

Tatiana got the breakfast item which included eggs, a fruit salad, hash browns and some bacon. I ate the bacon right away so when we took the photo there wasn't any left!

Both the burger and breakfast item were very good especially for the price! I think we were able to pay 25$ for both items! Great value. Good enough food!

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