Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bombay Bhel

Back when we used to live in Mississauga by Square One there were two indian restaurants that we would go to. One is called Taste of India (which was technically in brampton) and the other was Bombay Bhel. Taste of India has an all you can eat price for 12.50$ which I will eventually talk about in another blog once I get pictures!

We always come back to Bombay Bhel because it was the first Indian restaurant that we went to in Mississauga and it was a hit! The restaurant was full of indian people which you know makes it good! If you go to an ethnic restaurant where there are only white people, its probably not that good of food (aka Mandarin). Each curry dish at this place comes with either rice or naan. Each dish averages from 10~15$ and let me tell you the naan that comes with this is probably one of the best that I have had. The naan is huge and is about 30cm x 15cm, the naan is also very fluffy and soft. If you upgrade to the garlic butter naan you are in for a treat!

Tatiana says that this is her absolute favourite butter chicken. I believe she says that because it is catered towards white people. The butter chicken is very buttery, very creamy, and the chicken pieces are huge! I do agree that it is very good! The palek paneer (spinach cheese curry) is also one of my favourites. For a vegetarian meal, this is one heavy duty meal. I am not surprised by people gaining weight by eating this curry. The lamb vindaloo has a little spice, tomatoey, and the lamb is very good. So far I have not had a bad dish at this place and will always go back!

The picture I added was TOGO as I have noticed that the TOGO containers are actually bigger then the ones they serve when you sit down and eat! I would always recommend eating to go if you want more food!

I would rate this place an 82% as the food is delicious but the price even though each dish is only 10~15$ I consider this expensive for indian. I will always go back to this place!

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