Sunday, November 17, 2013

Asian Legend

Asian Legend is a franchise chinese restaurant that is located in a variety of places in Ontario.
I have been to many locations and this blog is a review about the St. Catharines one that has newly opened.

So! Asian Legend was a restaurant we enjoyed going to in Richmond Hill. The price is cheap, the food is good, and they also serve Peking Duck!

This used to be our go to Peking Duck place in Richmond Hill however we believe the quality has dipped a bit there and decided to go elsewhere for Peking Duck. I still like the restaurant though! To keep a chinese franchise this good is something quite difficult to do as all restaurant chains would seem to differ, however they are quite consistent throughout!

I didn't take a picture of the soup dumplings because we had to return them as the dumplings had popped and the soup was all gone :(, however we asked them to replace it and they were very easy going about it! Good service in St. Catharines.

We decided to get this carrot, egg, spinach dish. I do not remember what it was called but this was very flavourful. It seemed like it was cooked in some sort of broth (vegetable broth maybe??) but it had tons and tons of flavour.

We then got the mapotofu, this had one chili symbol on the side but I love spicey things so i thought that 1 would be easy enough for the family to eat... boooooy was i wrong! This was spicey! Even I had trouble getting through it but it was still quite good! I have had better mapotofu but this place was still good.

Now to Tatiana and my brother's favourite dish, the dong po pork. This is usually not my favourites in food because I like lean meat. I do not like very fatty dishes. However, this was something even I could have! Usually there is a fat to meat ratio of 7:3 where 70% of the dish is fat and 30% is meat. This was more so 5:5 so there was still quite a bit of meat on it! I loved it! The fatty portion was melt in your mouth and there was enough meat there to give it that fibrey texture. I would definitely get this again.

We got many other dishes too but it was hard to keep track as they all come one by one and by the time I remember to take a photo we have devoured most of it already :)!

So lets get to the rating,
Overall I would rate this place a 77%, however I would rate this place in St. Catharines an 86%.
The reason I rate this place so highly in St. Catharines is because this is a white town. There are no good chinese restaurants unless you want American Chinese food and that is a disgrace to chinese restaurants. So for this franchise to come to this white town and open up a restaurant, good for you!

This is now my families favourite chinese place to go as they live in Niagara but because it is the only one I rate this very high!

I would rate the Markham Asian Legend a 70% as there are plenty of good chinese restaurants near by there, and I would rate the Richmond Hill Asian Legend an 80% because we used to love going there but have recently stopped.

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