Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Gabardine

Hey guys,

Its been a while since i've blogged as i've been quite lazy but i'm going to post a bunch of restaurants i have been to this past while!

First on the list is the Gabardine.
This is a very small restaurant by Bay and Richmond in downtown Toronto.

This was recommended by Tatiana and seems like a nice small restaurant.
They can probably seat only 30~40 people max and they have a very small menu for lunch.

Essentially to me, this seemed like a fancier pub food place.
Tatiana raved about the macaroni here so she got what she wanted!

I had a craving for shepherd's pie and this was also recommended by the waiter to try!
The mac and cheese was quite good! crispy top, creamy inside, cheese all over the place!

The shepherd's pie was a delight! The outside was very crisp, the inside was very hot and creamy as well! The inside though was full of richness and chicken flavour, it was delicious.

I've tried many shepherd's pie and this was one of the better ones I have had! I would definitely give it a go next time around if I'm ever around this area again.

I would rate this place an 80% for food taste, 70% for price.
Overall I would rate this place a 75%, mainly because yes the food was great, however these lunch items were expensiiiiive! 17$  for macaroni, 18$ for shepherd's pie with 2 coffee's and a dessert almost came close to 50$ for lunch!

Now I do know that this is downtown toronto and is more expensive then most, but I don't think this place tastes good enough to charge that much for pub food.

I would go again but would most likely try new places out!

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