Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bean Bar

Next on the list of restaurants is Bean Bar!

This place was one of our favourites in Hamilton while myself and Tatiana went to school at McMaster university. I also proposed to her this day at McMaster and we went out for our old favourite place in Hamilton.

Now back to food!
The bean bar was the first place I have ever tried yam fries! and the sauce it came with was quite delicious! Chipotle mayo and yam fries have become quite standard in all restaurant chains now but back then this was the only place that served it!

We decided to order calamari as an appetizer as I planned on upgrading to my yam fries anyways. I love it when calamari have the baby legs in the dish too! crispy crunchy deliciousness.

I got the upgrade on the fries to exchange my regular potatoes to sweet potatoes.
My main was fish and chips because the people sitting next to us ordered it and it looked fantastic.
I'm usually quite picky with my fish and chips because restaurants can really screw this simple dish!

What I like in fish in chips are the following qualities, very little batter, crispy batter, lots of fish. This satisfied all 3 qualities as I was able to tell from my neighbour eating it!

This fish and chips was really good! and there were 2 big pieces too! I don't remember if I had to doggy bag this meal home because there was just too much fish! something I won't complain about!

Tatiana wasn't very hungry today so she decided to get an appetizer as a meal. She ordered the Quiche of the day! I remember this being very cheesy, spinachy and very good. It was cooked very well with the egg's being still being soft and juicy rather then dry or runny.

The bean bar also has a big display of a but load of desserts to choose from! Usually they come with no explanation or title to the cakes so you have to get a walkthrough from a waiter/waitress to get the run down of what the options are! I personally don't even remember which one we ordered but I'm sure it was good!

This place occasionally turns into a jazzbar at night and or a live band plays in the back. It gets busy pretty quickly and understandably so! We arrived at 5:30 and got the last seat available! after that there was a wait to sit down.

I love to come to this place, always reminds me of the good days in university. Hamilton isn't known for their restaurants either but this place is a nice treat in this part of town.

The food is good, the service is great, the atmosphere is even better at night time and the price is alright.

Overall I would rate this place an 80% as it is a fun place to go to!
Check it out and support this place!

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