Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kenzo Ramen

Kenzo Ramen is I believe a non-japanese run franchise. I've been to the one downtown and as well as Mississauga. The mississauga one is run by koreans so perhaps this is a korean franchise. They don't use the same symbols as us japanese in their menu's so I'm assuming the whole chain isn't japanese as well.

This place is a little pricier then the competitors and have some pretty bad ramen dishes. On the up side they do have a really good ramen here as well! Unfortunately the picture I took was one of the ones that did not taste good. The tonkotsu ramen here is very disappointing, as well as the shio and shoyu ramens as well.

On the up side, the King of Kings Ramen is VERY good. This is the dish I would get everytime. It looks spicey but is not spicey at all. The content and ingredients within it make the dish very good. It has ground beef and tons and tons of different kind of veggies that make it hearty.

I have also tried the Netsu ramen (supposed to be hot) but I believe the netsu and King of Kings is the same broth, very good not spicey at all.

Then I tried the ramen that isn't even on the menu!! There are 3 levels of spiceness to this ramen, at level 3 if you drink the broth and eat the whole thing the meal is free apparently!

I'm good with spices but not that good, I decided to try level 1. Level 1 was SPICEY, i wasn't sweating when I finished the meal but it was quite hot. The hot soup plus spicey food doesn't make it any easier! I believe I can handle #2 but probably not worth it, I can't imagine trying #3.

Now my favourite part! the Dumplings!! The dumplings here are fantastic! The bottoms are crispy, the inside is PACKED with meat, and the dipping sauce is very very very good.

The combination of these three together make this one of my favourite dumpling places. The only con to this is that it is expensive. Each dumpling is worth 1.50$ atleast because the dish is around 9$ and you get 6 dumplings.

Overall I would rate this place a 77% as they have alot of crappy ramens but they also have some good dishes as well! I would like to try the yakisoba or the donburis next time!

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