Sunday, November 17, 2013

Open Cork

This restaurant was recommended by our close friends and suggested we go eat here!

Open Cork is a restaurant on Dundas in between Mississauga and Etobicoke. It is a little west of the 427. We love to eat at the restaurant across the street called Astoria!

As an appetizer for the four of us we decided to get grilled vegetables and goat cheese. I believe this was a main dish for the vegetarian section but was recommended by our friends! This was quite delicious as we ate it with bread! We cleaned the plate until there was no sauce left!

Sorry for the out of focus photos but it was hard to stop my friends from eating to take a photo!

Tatiana decided to get the Linguini of the Sea dish, this had huge chunks of scallops and pieces of lobster and shrimp! I believe there were some mussels hidden in there as well. This was a fantastic piece of pasta! I loved it but I didn't get to eat it as my main.

Antonietta got the risotto, this also had seafood in it but the main portion I believe were the portobello mushrooms. That gave it the distinct brown colour and flavour! This was also surprisingly good!

Stephen got the Open Cork Pollo which was a grilled chicken dish with a mushroom sauce. His meal looked quite plain and normal but the zucchini pepper was very good. The vegetables were better then the meat!

I ended up ordering the lamb dish the meat was cooked the way i like it, rare. The veggies were the same as Stephen's dish which was very good! The lamb was also good. I think I would prefer the lamb across the street at Astoria though.

Overall I would rate this place a 78%!

I am very surprised about the urbanspoon reviews of this restaurant but after reading the reviews I understand why there were so many dislikes.

The servers here aren't pushy or very attentive to customers, and I believe its just the culture of the restaurant. This place does mention that it is a lounge as well so people just like to hang out there and spend time.

The servers are always around but never really approach, so people talking about bad service and what not I can understand where they are coming from. We ended up staying for 2 hours and that was just the meals!

So yes this place is slow, but I think if you understand how they serve people you are more inclined to accept it. You just have to be more vocal to what you need. In our case we never asked for the bill so the bill never came and we sat there talking for over an hour! It is definitely very loungy with great food!

Try this place out! give it a shot, remember that the service is not like regular restaurants but the food is great so figure it out and go!

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